Carnaval coming to Aitken Creek!


During term 1 we leant about how Carnaval is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world and worked very hard preparing to celebrate it in term 2!

We are proud that we are working across different subjects to make sure our school looks fantastic and we have great performances to showcase what we have learnt.

Thanks to Sirin and Tanya for their wonderful artwork for the poster.


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This term we made maracas and will use them for our dancing!

In red group we are learning to dance the Macarena from Spain and in blue group we are learning Mambo #8 from Cuba, while we learn to count from 1 to 8.


Year 1

In year 1 we are learning  a lot of words to describe our feelings -and that is important when we celebrate.

In red group we worked in both Art and Spanish to create buntings we will use to decorate our school. They represent the flags of Spanish-speaking countries!

In blue group we are making buntings in Art class. In Performing Arts and Spanish we are learning a song from Bolivia about friendship, and learning about different South American instruments!

In art we are also making sculptures inspired in the work of Spanish Artist Joan Miró. What do you think?

buntings  zamponas   miro

Year 2

This term is so much fun!

We are using our words in Spanish to say how we feel about different events… for example a fiesta!


¿Cómo estás? ¡Feliz! / How are you feeling? Happy!

In blue group in Performing Arts and in Spanish we are learning a traditional dance from the Andes in south American, and making chapchas (o chajchas), a traditional instrument of South American indigenous people normally made of goats’ toenails! but ours are nicer!

chajchas andes y2

Year 3 & 4

Preparing for Carnaval in year 3 we are making flags using calico material. Our flags present different colours, shapes and patters that represent the happiness of Carnaval. You will see them around the school and in our classrooms.

In year 4 we are designing colourful and creative costumes and dresses using different materials.


In year 4C we are putting together a recycled drumming band.

Currently putting together our final tunes! Keep posted! Read more on the Year 3/4 blog!


In Year 4B we are participating in a pilot program in which our teachers Miss Kirk (art) and Señor Garcia (Spanish) are teaching us together and we are using a lot of instructions in Spanish as we are making máscaras / masks using different materials and representing the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

Read our full report in the Year 3/4 blog!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.44.36 pm

Year 5

In Year 5 we are learning about different Spanish-speaking countries and how Carnaval is celebrated.

Our projects will soon be displayed in the Year 5/6 blog and around school!



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