Change in the life of a butterfly: Mariposa

We explored the idea of ‘Change’ and what changes around us. We walked around the yard finding flores (flowers), el sol (the sun) and mariposas (butterflies). We loved participating in the the storytelling of La oruga muy hambrienta / The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish, using props and repeating the names of fruits, natural elements as well as the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle. We really liked how easy it was to understand the story in Spanish because most of us knew it in English  and had pictures to look at!

img_0355 img_1509

We learnt the words oruga (caterpillar), mariposa (butterfly), huevo (egg) and crisálida (cocoon) and the names of fruits. We made an oruga and wrote the names of all fruits he eat in the story.

We played different games and learnt songs.

Thanks to Prep G from Blue group for putting together a great performance for assembly!

La mariposa from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.


Blogging from class blogs


This year ACPS started blogs for each year level and in Spanish we have been blogging more on those class blogs and less on our Spanish blog.

Look at some of the cool things we have been doing in each grade!

In prep we have been learning songs and playing different games. You can check our blog posts here.

In Year 1 & 2 we have been discovering our school / la escuela in Spanish, learning about the different rooms and building and stationeries. We made some fun Books using Book Creator and sharing with out teacher on Showbie.

Year 1 blog entries.

Year 2 blog entries.



Carnaval Week


This Tuesday we began with our Carnaval week at Aitken Creek. Students are watching dance performances and joining in dancing to various songs during lunch time.

Students are also getting ready for the dress up parade at lunch times (11:10am for blue group and 12:40pm for red group) at the courtyard (fake grass area) on Thursday April 21. Dress up on the day! The main performances on Thursday will take place during session 5 starting at 2:20pm at the gym. Parents are welcome to attend!!

About the dress ups: Carnaval is a happy celebration about pretending to be someone or something else. Funny, colourful, happy costumes are encouraged. Be creative!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.12.02 am

Red group timetable


Carnaval coming to Aitken Creek!


During term 1 we leant about how Carnaval is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world and worked very hard preparing to celebrate it in term 2!

We are proud that we are working across different subjects to make sure our school looks fantastic and we have great performances to showcase what we have learnt.

Thanks to Sirin and Tanya for their wonderful artwork for the poster.


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Batucada! / Drumming in year 4


The rest of term 1 is going to be awesome. In grade 4C we making drums using recycled materials such as cans, bottle tops, boxes, sticks, pieces of wood, ring tabs from soft drink cans and some other materials such as foam, rubber bands, balloons, paper, paint and glue. The most fun part is that we will be learning how to play them!

We are learning about different percussion  instruments from Latin America and putting together an original ensemble. Keep watching!

Carnaval coming soon!


We are super excited because we are getting ready for Carnaval!

Carnaval is normally celebrated in February or March, before Easter, and it is an important celebration in most Spanish-speaking countries, as well as a number of countries such as Germany, Italy, United states, Belgium, France just to name a few.

This term we will be making art displays, musical instruments, learning songs and dances, designing information posters, etc.

In Barranquilla, Colombia, people select la Reina del Carnaval (the Carnival Queen), dress up and burry “el mal humor” (bad humour) to celebrate.

Watch the video. What do you see? What elements are part of Carnaval celebrations? Have you been to a festival that has some of the same things?

Maqui Carnaval Music Video from Eduardo Ortega del Rio on Vimeo.

Highlights of the year!/ Lo mejor del año

This year we have continued to learn a lot in Spanish. Our main highlight of the year has been having Señorita Roselló supporting us throughout the year. Students were very lucky to have the opportunity to play and learn new words and about the lifestyle of people in Spain. We sincerely thank her for her dedication and enthusiasm. ¡Muchas gracias!

Students loved all the Spanish and Latin American activities part of the Multicultural festival in March and the Celebration of Life in November.

We are so proud of the students who participated in the State-Wide Spanish Writing competition and to have Clayton from 1B being awarded with the of 2nd place! That is a great achievement! ¡Felicidades!

Congratulations to students who won the school competition! I hope you enjoy your awards and look forward to more achievements next year!

In Prep, one of the highlights has been filling our beautiful Language Passport. Students are looking forward to keep filling pages and recording their learning throughout our school years learning Spanish. Student also loved listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet story and making skull masks.

In Year 1 one of our highlights was listening to the story of Tico Tango, play with puppets and learning so many words about plants, animals and fruit.

In Year 2 we had many performances in which students taught the whole school community different songs about fruits, plants and more.

In Year 3 & 4 students liked learning about Antonio Gaudi and designing a mural using mosaics to display at school. Students also enjoyed learning about el Carnaval and making Orejas de Carnaval to eat!

In Year 5 & 6 some of the highlight were designing and dressing up wooden manikins and making ads for them. Students also liked learning about food and participating in many games about the topic. On of the best days in Spanish for Year 5 was the visit of students from Bethal Primary School and the Spanish Education Advisor Manuel Moreno.

Check out the different grade pages to see samples of our work and leave comments about your highlights!

What was your favourite part of learning Spanish this year?

What kind of activities would you like to do in 2016?

Leave a comment with your name.


Señora García

Celebration of Life, a great day!

On November 10 we had our Mexican Celebration of Life at Aitken Creek.

This term we prepared for the event by learning about important celebrations in Mexico, learning songs, creating art (calaveras in grade 3 & 4) and crafts (mascaras, papel picado in grade 1, flores in grade 2 and nichos in grade 3 & 4), decorating sugar skulls in grades 5 & 6 and creating Nicho boxes at lunch time during Spanish Club.

The Gym was decorated with hundreds of beautiful flowers made by grade 2 students and papel picado made in Spanish class and some fantastic calaveras made by Art grade 3 & 4. These works reflect the hard work and dedication of the students in making them.

We prepared an Ofrenda (an altar to remember our ancestors) with calaveras de azucar (sugar skulls), pan de muerto (commemorative “bread of the dead”), flores (flowers) and nichos created by students during Spanish club dedicated to Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We also set up a Tzompantli, an Aztec Skull Wall.

We had the great Mexican singer Alejandro Espino, who sang some really fun songs with his electric guitar. We were also impressed by his bird-like whistling and the conch to call students to listen.

There were games and a photo booth. It was a fantastic event and we thank everyone for participating and helping to make this possible.

Señora García 


This is the Ofrenda and Tzompantli (Skull wal)



Listening to music. Baila!

foto27 foto26


Grade 5 students loved the Mexican Man.


Señora García y Alejandro Espino. Dos mexicanos.


Catrinas. Skeleton ladies.


Miss Farrugia and a calaca.


Amigos from grade 2.


Ponle la cola al burro. Pin the tail to the donkey.

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Día de los Muertos


On Tuesday November 10 we will be having our second Celebration of Life festival at ACPS!

From 2:10 – 3pm, music, performance, art display and activities.


On this day during session 5, we will have music by the Mexican Music man, student’s performances, dance and art displays. Parents are welcome!

Students are invited to dress up in colourful Mexican Style or calavera / sugar skull costumes!

Watch this video with your family to learn a bit more about what the day means for Mexican people.

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